About the Journal


ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences and belongs to the Institute of Economic Development and Social Research. The journal published its first issue in the spring of 2017 as an international refereed journal published four times a year (March, June, September, December). ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences, accepts articles, reviews, symposium assessment that are original, unpublished and have not been sent elsewhere about every aspect of nature and science from all over the World. It continues its activities without interruption since its first issue. Manuscripts submitted to ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences should pass the similarity check.  via the iThenticate plagiarism detection software. If Similarity Index (SI) of the article is above 20% (excluding reference list), it is sent back to the corresponding author to revise it and bring its SI below 20%, failure of which will result in rejection of the manuscript.

The authors are deemed to have transferred the copyrights to the publications submitted to ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences Journal. No publication fees are charged from the authors. The evaluations of the authors can not be considered official views of our journal. All responsibility for the work belongs to the authors. If an ethical committee report is required for research products, it should be noted that this report has been taken on the study and the committee report should be recorded in the system. If plagiarism, citation manipulation, fake data fitting related to research are detected, they are treated according to the publishing and ethical principles. In this case, actions are taken to prevent publication of the work, to remove the publication or to perform other operations.

From the fall of 2020, the articles will be published with the international author ID number ORCID.

Our journal team is working diligently to be a journal that is recognised in national and international indexes. The interest shown to our journal will encourage us to achieve this aim.

Focus and Scope

ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences and belongs to the Institute of Economic Development and Social Research.        ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences publishes original research articles generated from studies conducted in all agricultural areas especially in Horticulture, Field Crops, Plant Protection, Agricultural Structures and Irrigation, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Machinery, Agrology and Plant Nutrition, Agricultural Biotechnology and Animal Science.



ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences is international refereed journal and began publishing life in order to increase accessibility, visibility, use of scientific studies, to gain momentum and to benefit scientists and publishes the individual researches conducted about agricultural science which may be defined as a collection of significant scientific and technological advancements and innovations related to such researches.


ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles from agricultural studies. The journal is a forum where accessible and applicable basic and applied methods and techniques that reveal new findings are presented. Accepting articles in Turkish and English, the journal is published 4 times a year (March, June, September and December). In addition, reviews on current issues of special importance are also included.