Bulblet Regeneration of Endemic Muscari adilii Güner & Duman on MS Media Having 6-Benzylaminopurine-α-Naphthaleneacetic

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Aseptic conditions, twin scales, in vitro, bulblet explant, induced primary bulb


Muscari adilii Güner & Duman is an endemic and threatened (CR) bulbous plant species,  as is suggested by IUCN categorisation; therefore its export is prohibited. There is a need to protect this plant by developing ex-vitro and in vitro propagation techniques and protocols.  Developing of these methodologies will conserve this species and prevent its extinction from nature. This study, aimed to develop a regeneration protocol for M. adilii on agar-hardened 1 × MS medium having different concentrations of benzylaminopurine (BAP)-α-naphthaleneacetic (NAA) using twin bulb scales and induced primary bulblets under in vitro conditions. The best medium for bulblet regeneration on twin scales was determined as 1 × MS medium having 17.76 μ Mol BAP- 2.685 or 10.74 μMol NAA (two combinations) obtaining 15.75 and 14.18 bulblets per explant in the same order. When the induced primary bulbs were used as explants, they regenerated 4.25 secondary bulbs on 1 × MS medium having 17.76 μMol BAP- 2.685 μMol NAA along with the increase in diameter of the induced primary bulbs. The maximum diameter of 0.39 cm of induced primary bulbs was noted on 1 × MS medium having 4.44 μMol BAP-5.37 or 10.74 μMol NAA. All of the bulbs were rooted in the regeneration medium, they were followed by successful transfer to the pots for acclimatization. The results of the study meets the aims of the study and it is possible to regenerate these bulbs for commercial propagation.


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