Comparative Investigation of Ross and Cobb Broiler Genotypes with Different Gender in terms of Slaughter, Carcass Characteristics and Some Meat Quality Traits

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Broiler, cobb, fast growing, hybrit, meat quality, ross


The aim of this study was to compare the Ross and Cobb genotypes with different gender, which were widely used for poultry production in the world and in Turkey, in terms of slaughter, carcass and some meat quality characteristics. Carcasses used in the study were selected from the rearing houses of the Hastavuk White Meat Integrated Enterprise. A total of 40 carcass samples, 10 male and 10 female from Ross and Cobb genotypes, were used in the study. Management and feeding conditions continued through the procedures were determined by the enterprise. Final live weight, cold carcass weight, pH0 breast, breast L*, thigh a* and skin percentage data were found to be higher in Cobb genotype. Final live weight, cold carcass weight and cold carcass yield were higher in males, while heart percentage and cooking loss values were higher in females. There was no significant relationship between gender and genotype groups in terms of water holding capacity, cooking loss and drip loss. Genotype*gender interaction was determined for final live weight, liver percentage, thigh percentage and breast percentage. There are significant differences between Ross and Cobb genotypes, which have the largest share in the sector. In the face of constantly changing consumer demands, revealing the differences in genotypes that try to appeal to them and the changes will enable the sector to go further.


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